This is a quick no-clothing haul I did in the city so far. They’re quite a lot for me and I’m trying hard to limit myself into buying more. Help!


Critter Owl 3-Subject Notebook, $8.95 

This is really really adorable! When I first saw it at Barnes&Nobles, I know I have to get it. Plus points since it’s a multi-subject notebook, something I’ve been wanting to get for so long. It has 240 thick and smooth pages and dividers with pockets. It’s really practical and ugh, the owl just gets me.


KaBam Dot 1-Subject Notebook, $6.95

I couldn’t find another 3-Subject with a different design so I purchased this one instead. It has a nice pop art cover and it contains 200 pages. I can either make a divider for this or use it for a major subject that requires a lot of note-taking.

New York University 4-Subject Notebook, $6.99

Uh, dream school. My siblings went here for college and I have always wanted to attend classes here too. For the mean time though, I got their purple notebook (it’s not really obvious in the photo but it’s a deep royal purple color and it looks perfect) which has 4 double pockets and 200 pages as well. 


N.Y.C Taxi iPhone Case, $10

I got this at a street vendor at Wall Street. I was having second thoughts on buying this because it looked so touristy but since I cracked my (new) case, I had to get a new one.


Ear Cuffs, $7.50ea

I’ve been longing to buy ear cuffs for the longest time now (I don’t have the heart to get my ears pierced again) and when I went to Claire’s at Alabang, they told me they didn’t sell cuffs. It’s on a buy-two-get-one promo as well so I totally had to get these!


Ear Cuffs & Ring Set, $8.50ea

I’m also obsessed with rings at the moment. They’re my go-to accessory since I’m not fond of bracelets and necklaces. I admit I have no idea what my ring size is so when I tried the rings on, they’re sooo big! It slides off in every finger but fortunately, I can still use it as a thumb ring.


Lancôme BB Cream, $45

I’ve been telling my mom to start using BB creams so when I bought her one, I thought why not get one for myself as well? Especially when the saleslady tried it on me (ugh, Saks salespeople certainly have the gift of gab), I just need it. It has SPF 30, antioxidants and vitamins which would be really good for my messed-up skin.


Sunset Beach Candle, $12

This three-wick candle from Bath and Body Works is originally $22.50 but they had a one-day sale for this. I don’t know of any brand that’s as good as BBW so this is a must-have. It smells a lot like the Champagne Toast candle I have back home although this is more calm and sweet.


Eucalyptus Mint & Autumn Mums Candles, 2 for $20 

Mason jars. Scented candles. Need I say more?

PS, watch out for a haul post from Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s and Saks Fifth soon!

I still cry, about everything - you, me and us. Sometimes, when I look back at the time we spent together, I’m convinced I did the right thing. We weren’t really meant to be together from the start. We were so different and we both knew we didn’t click. There was no spark. But why does being apart from you feel so wrong?
As I'm reading that little inscription in your page I can't helped but feel slightly amused and relieved. For I too, share such predicament. I, too fall in love shamelessly in words and get carried away too many times. It's a lovely thought that I get to share that with lovely strangers like you. And at the same time, I bit lonely, because we tend to hurt more intensely because we are ingrained to every word or act, someone would say or do to us. It never leaves us, like books we love.

Ugh, this is so beautiful. Eternally grateful for this <3

and today
this boy asked me
about you
and he thought we
are still together
and he thought we
survived the fight;
i didn’t have the heart
or sense
to tell him it is
because for me,
us will never be
off the table

The Dakota & Strawberry Fields

Imagine all the people living life in peace; You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us and the world will be as one.

PS, be safe everyone!

CITI FIELD, New York Mets vs Miami Marlins

It was Family Sunday at the game thus there were little kids everywhere and they even got to play at the field after the game. There were balloons and mini games for the children outside. There were freebies for the adults as well, such as free beer (boo, still a minor) and a phone stand.

Honestly, I have no idea how baseball is played so I pretty much asked every move to my dad for the first 2 innings. Once I got the hang of it, I really enjoyed the game! The crowd was really supportive and once in a while, they would encourage us to make some noise, yell Charge! or clap our hands. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a foul ball (it always ends up on the other side) nor did we see a home run.

The game ended at 9-1, with the Mets defeating the Marlins. Yay, New York!